Nacked access point

It just looks like a have no good hand at choosing consumer electronics. I have the second time troubles with a Zyxel device. My ZyXEL G-560 access point is constantly overheating and therefore not able to make a reliable wireless connection. After getting mad of switching it of, cooling it down and switching it on again serval times a day I decided to do something.

I just removed the case and put the circuite board on a wooden socket. Only a few minutes of work, the hardest part was to remove the antenna and to find the right screws. The nacked access point work so far just fine.

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jou @ 30.07.2008 07:46 CET
"Nakedpoint" would have been a better name. And you should add a desktop fan for cooling for extra hackery point :)
kev @ 30.07.2008 21:51 CET
brilliant! :-)

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