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Looks like spring give us not only very nice weather but also a lot of cool new tech-events here in zurich. The webtuesday (un-)organizer anounced two new events lately.

First of all the regular monthly webtuesday meeting on Tuesday 13th May 2008 at 19:30. New this time is the location - we hang around at the big cablecom offices - and the speaker - day's CTO David Nüscheler. David is talking about "ujax in 30 minutes" where microjax "is a client sided javascript persistence layer that leverages the symbiosis of a (JCR compliant) Content Repository and the agile patterns of browser based ajax development". David is a great and experienced speaker and also the topic might give you some new insights about handling data in your application. It's all free, just add your name to the wiki. So see you there...

The second event might be even cooler. On Saturday 24th May 2008 you all are able to join the usually webtuesday crowd (great hackers from here, here and well erhm here) to hack some new stuff together or help the php community with new tests (or do both). If you have any great plans for a hack just enter your idea to the wiki. If you're a php developer you might help the community with giving some test back to your programming language. Writing tests for PHP should be easy enough for everyone (look at this presentation from Sebastian).
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